PVB Resins Polyvinyl Butyral
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PVB Resins Polyvinyl Butyral

Appearance:  Tiny, free-flowing white powder
Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) is a synthetic resin made with hydrochloric acid as a catalyst for the condensation reaction of polyvinyl alcohol and n-butyl aldehyde, abbreviated as PVB in English.

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Product Features:

It not only has a high degree of transparency, good cold resistance, water resistance, film formation and impact resistance performance, widely used in glass intermediate film, porcelain foil, metal protection paint, water pine paper, aluminum foil, edge paint, fiber treatment agent, parts, printing ink, dyes, etc.

Product Parameters:

 Application and After-Sales Service:

1)Coating adhesive (increase adhesivity, anticorrosive/shop primer, baked enamel, wash primer, paint and coating, used for various base;
2)Ink adhesive;
3)The whiteboard ink adhesive;
4)Textile printing and non-woven adhesive;
5) Engineering ceramic and other ceramics;
6)Organic pigment wetting agent.

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