Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA PVOH Wanwei Flakes 20-99 100-35 120
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Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA PVOH Wanwei Flakes 20-99 100-35 120

Polyvinyl alcohol is an excellent water-based adhesive. The general product is flake, granular or flocculent. It is not easily soluble in cold water. Heating is generally required during dissolution. After being finely pulverized and surface treated, it has better cold water dissolving performance. But because of its thermoplasticity, pulverization becomes particularly difficult. Our factory adopts a special liquid nitrogen low temperature cooling process to ensure that the powder of the crushed material is uniform. So that the material has excellent water solubility.

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Physical Property:

The appearance is white flake, granular or powdery solid (low alkali alcoholysis process) or white flocculent solid (high alkali alcoholysis process). Specific gravity: 1.23-1.31g/cm3, sheet PVA filling specific gravity: 0.42-0.52g/cm3, flocculent PVA filling specific gravity: 0.20-0.27g/cm3.


Good film formation, adhesion, solvent resistance, friction resistance and tensile strength.
Appearance:White solid powder
Melting point:180-190ºC
Size:80-120 mesh

★ Small particles, small dosage, easy to disperse.
★ Dissolved in cold water.
★ Good bonding performance; improve mortar strength.
★ Prevent mortar from cracking and detaching; increase adhesion strength and smoothness.
★ Non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.

Polyvinyl Alcohol 05-99 (L) Product Quality Index:

index Numerical Value
Viscosity(mpa.s) 32.0-40.0
Average degree of polymerization 2000-2200
Alcoholysis degree(Mol/mol) 98.0-100.0
Molecular weight 88000-96800
Volatile matter%(≤) 7.0
Sodium acetate%(≤) 2.8
Ash content%(≤) 1.0
PH Value 5-7
Purity% ≥91.5
Packing specification 25Kg/bag

Product Use:

Mainly used as: fabric sizing agent, fabric finishing agent, paper surface sizing agent, paper pigment adhesive, paper adhesive, emulsifier, PVA film, thermosetting resin modifier, ferrite adhesive, dispersant, coating, glue, PVF, etc.

After Sales Service:

The raw materials and production process of our products are strictly controlled. You can rest assured. The price is reasonable and is your good choice. Integrity is our purpose. If you have any questions in the purchase process, you can consult us at any time.

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