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Our company’s main businesses are about pva and pvb.pva is used in fiber processing, textile pulp, adhesives production, architectural coating production, emulsion stabilizers and dispersants production, and manufacture of acetal derivatives. Furthermore, polyvinyl alcohol can also be widely used biodegradable film, protective colloid and soil conditioners, seeds and pharmaceutical coating agents, inorganic and electronic products adhesives , water soluble films, cosmetic additives, temporary protective films, etc.
Pvb is used in
1)Coating adhesive (increase adhesivity, anticorrosive/shop primer, baked enamel, wash primer, paint and coating, used for various base;
2)Ink adhesive;
3)The whiteboard ink adhesive;
4)Textile printing and non-woven adhesive;
5) Engineering ceramic and other ceramics;
6)Organic pigment wetting agent.